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Discover the unique open cell ceiling that will exceed expectations

Open cell ceilings are an ideal solution when you are looking to play an architectural role. These ceilings are the most popular designs sought after by residents and businesses alike. Thanks to the incredible adaptability of open cell features, it allows you to arrange unique lighting systems and dynamic shapes to your ceilings. Whether you prefer an artistic grid, classic or stylish design: you will definitely find your ideal ceiling at Ceilings and Lighting.

Partner up with this company and discover the endless options

At Ceilings and Lighting they believe in creating ground-breaking designs. They complete ambitious projects and achieve impressive results that exceed the expectations of their clients. Therefore they have numerous options to accommodate as many clients as possible. The extensive range of ceiling shapes and blades allows their customers to fully play and experiment with the lines. It allows you maximum customization of line, shape, color and finish of a variety of open cell styles. So when you are looking for a custom made open cell ceiling, you definitely came at the right place when you partner up with Ceilings and Lighting. The unique ceilings from this company can easily be made to fit your demands and the architecture of the rest of the building. The design of an open cell ceiling can be made even more spectacular with the appropriate lighting. Luckily, they also specialize in lighting and are perfectly able to advise you in it.

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Ceilings and Lighting has developed state-of-the-art designs to fit a wide range of spaces and perform diverse structural and aesthetic functions. Together with you, they can design an open cell ceiling that suits the atmosphere of your organization perfectly. Unique open cell ceilings are the perfect way to add depth and dimension to a room, making it appear larger, longer or taller. Do you want them to build one of their unique and stylish open cell ceiling systems? Get in contact with them!